Kicking Off the Holidays Right with some “Tweets and Tonic”

We’ve told you about our 360 “Tweet and Eat” lunches before. But, this month we put a different spin on it – instead of the middle of the day, we gathered in the conference room at the end of the day, so we could all enjoy a cocktail or two while sharing some interesting case […]

Video Grabs The Spotlight at BlogHer 2010

Bloggers felt the embrace of brands who planned out involving and playful interactions for them at BlogHer10. There was every manner of entertainment at the show, from happy mascots and hi-energy dance floors, to coloring stations and full-on hair salons! At this year’s event in particular, I was struck by how many bloggers were turned […]

360PR “Tweet and Eat” Round Up

We recently kicked off a new monthly shin-dig here at 360. We order lunch, gather in the conference room and share hit (or miss) uses of digital media. The inaugural “Tweet and Eat” (#360TweetandEat) was held earlier today and it was a rockin’ good time! There were a ton of great stories and case studies […]

How To Create A Viral Video

A good parody is an attention grabber, especially when it’s on YouTube. That’s one of the lessons I learned first hand at the “how to make a viral video” session at SXSW, where along with 500 other people, I had the good fortune to star in a parody video that since it’s posting only four […]

Top Social Media Moments of 2009 (Part 1 of 2)

Well, 2009 is nearly over and 360PR certainly was not going to miss out on the “year end list” fun!  We decided to compile our Top 10 Favorite Social Media Moments of 2009. Sure, the topic may be slightly played out, but does that make it any less important?  2009 concluded a decade of digital […]

Weekly Digital News: What’s It Worth To You?

After some time off for the 4th of July holiday, 360PR’s weekly digital news round-up is back. This Friday, we’re highlighting articles that speak to making the most of social media. Novelist Oscar Wilde said “What is a cynic? A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.” In terms of […]

Weekly Digital News: Part of the Crowd

Social media can sometimes leave you feeling out of the loop. Sure, it’s easy enough to sign-up and stay active on sites like Facebook and Twitter, to keep in touch with friends, family members and colleagues. But sometimes if you don’t know your old college roomates’ relationship status or you haven’t kept up on the […]

Weekly Digital News: Brush-up & Catch-up on Your Social Media

Things have been moving a million miles an hour here at 360PR. Client work is in full-swing if not over-drive, and we’ve been playing our own version of musical chairs as we re-configure and settle into an expanded office space. News never stops, however, and neither does our effort to share the week’s best social […]