Google Takes The Lead In Online Ad Revenues, Snapchat Gains Popularity, Tweets Are Made Searchable

360PR Digital Download

 360 Digital Download The Digital Download series by 360Social gives you the best digital tips and tricks for new tools and general news circulating in the digital world. Instagram Has 150 Million Monthly Users – Instagram’s director of business operations Emily White reported the app’s monthly users, which is roughly 128 million more since Facebook bought the […]

The Cute, Clever and Spooky Stuff Brands Do On Halloween

Still aglow from pumpkin carving, indulging our inner monster and overindulging on mini-sized candy bars, the 360 Digital Team took a look at how brands competed for our affection by getting into the Halloween spirit. Just as costume couture has great range, so did these promotions: some were cute, some clever, some cool and hip, […]