Social Media is King at SXSW

By Caitlin Melnick SXSW is known to many as the conference of all conferences. And as a first timer, I would have to say, it was pretty amazing. The Interactive portion of SXSW (SXSWi) wrapped up earlier this week, and what I heard from veteran attendees is that this year’s conference was bigger and better […]

How To Create A Viral Video

A good parody is an attention grabber, especially when it’s on YouTube. That’s one of the lessons I learned first hand at the “how to make a viral video” session at SXSW, where along with 500 other people, I had the good fortune to star in a parody video that since it’s posting only four […]

Pass it Back! Kid Apps on Grown-Up Devices

Click on the two videos below for a sneak preview of the SXSW discussion called “Pass it Back! Kid Apps on Grown-Up Devices” featuring PBS Senior Director Sara DeWitt  (the actual discussion is on Monday, March 15 @ 5 PM in Ballrooom C in case you are one of the lucky ones in Austin). Sara […]

From Boston to Austin: A ‘360’ View of SXSW

From Boston to Austin - A '360' View of SXSW

Last week, I attended SXSW for the second year in a row. The massive, city-wide event in Austin is the intersection of three separate festivals – Interactive, Film and Music – bringing together creative minds from all over the world to share ideas, artistic creation and so much more. Over the past few years, gaming […]