By Kerry Murphy Attention. This blog post is going to be revolutionary, cutting edge, unique and state of the art.  It will be the leading provider in blog satisfaction through its state of the art tone and delivery with its exclusive real time content. Buzzwords. I think it’s safe to say that most of us […]

What would Chuck Norris do?  Or, as many of us at 360PR asked on Friday, how would MC Hammer reinvent something, or Donald Trump improve efficiency? Our agency participated in a hands-on professional development session on Friday (courtesy of The Loeb Group) that focused on “Tools to Boost Our Individual & Collaborative Creativity” — and there were […]

Global Creativity on Full Display at Holmes Summit

Last month’s Holmes PR Summit in Miami was billed as a global affair, and in four days packed with worthwhile discussions spanning big data to local relevance, it was indeed the conference’s global perspective that I found most energizing. It’s just too easy to adopt the attitude that the communications world revolves around the U.S., […]