Dad 2.0: The Year of the Dad

by Caitlin Melnick The first annual Dad 2.0 Summit was held last weekend outside of Austin. The inaugural conference drew 200 dads from around the country, an indication of the growing dad factor in the parenting blogosphere. The men who attended Dad 2.0 made it clear that they want brands and readers to see them […]

Togetherville. It’s Facebook on Training Wheels.

Parents don’t let kids social network alone. That’s the thinking behind Togetherville, a juvi-social network where the 10 and under set can hang out with their parents online and give social networking a whirl in a safe online neighborhood. It’s free to join and parents create their child’s account through their own Facebook log-in. Parents […]

For Moms, It’s All About the Memories

For Moms, It's All About...

With a constant connection to multiple screens, families are often spending more time interacting with online friends and communities and less time enjoying their friends and family “IRL” (that’s social networking short-hand for “in real life”). According to Yahoo’s recent study, “Brave New Moms: Navigating technology’s impact on family time,” moms report living a “hectic” […]