In 360PR’s Circle: Kelsey Revens

Kelsey Revens

Meet one of 360PR’s favorite Rhode Islanders, Kelsey Revens! When Kelsey isn’t busy mirroring her Instagram images to perfection, she can be found reading Huffington Post’s “Seven And A Half Things You Need To Know Today.” Read Kelsey’s entire entry and find out the one thing that her co-workers would be surprised to learn about her. Enjoy meeting […]

TIME’s Best Blogs of 2009

With millions of blogs in the blogosphere, it wasn’t a huge shock (note: sarcastic tone) that the 360PR Blog didn’t make it to TIME’s Best Blogs of 2009 list. As much as the team enjoys posting to our own blog, we revel in reading a variety of other blogs on a daily basis. So, while […]