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Digital Digest: June 27th

The Digital Digest by 360social gives you the best digital secrets, trends, tips and tricks for new tools, and general news circulating in the digital world. Have a question? Curious about a new site and what it does? Never heard about a tool mentioned recently? Contact Lesley Ridge, 360PR’s content and community manager: @lesleyridge or and join in the conversation using #360PR!

10 Minutes with…Mike Rush

In 360PR’s 10th year, we are celebrating by sharing some of the things we’ve learned along the way in a “10 minutes with…” series featuring interviews with our practice leaders! Last time we chatted with the Account Director of our Parenting practice, Caroline Pierce.  Now we’ve sat down with Mike Rush, Account Director of our […]

Facebook Overhaul – What Will It Mean for Marketers?

By John LeRoy As you may have heard, Facebook announced some MAJOR changes to the platform last week that have already begun to roll out.  The most significant of these changes is the complete overhaul of personal Facebook profiles into the new “Timeline” format.  For a full breakdown of what changes Facebook users can expect […]

Facebook reaches out to agencies with new community site

Earlier this week Facebook launched a new website for ad and PR agencies. Facebook Studio showcases examples of organizations that are using the platform to reach & engage with consumers and the site includes a Gallery of work, a Spotlight section, and an Awards section. The Studio also provides a venue for discussion around the […]

In Times of Crisis, We See Social Media’s Real Value.

By Caitlin McNamara In the wake of the 8.9 earthquake that hit Japan on March 11, 2011, and a following tsunami, many took out their phones to call their loved ones but soon found out that the lines were down. So what was next? Social media, of course.   Under one hour after the earthquake […]

F-Commerce, on the Up-and-Up

Over the past year, we’ve seen more and more brands going beyond just using Facebook for pure engagement with consumers. Many are now using it as a commerce platform as well – and it makes perfect sense. For one,  consumers often look for coupons or discounts from brands on social platforms (according to a 2010 study*, when […]

Facebook Mixes Up Fan/Brand Pages

If you or your company has a Facebook “Page”, you’ve likely heard about the new changes that will be implemented for brands (the official launch date is March 10th). These changes will require some adaptation in the design of your page, and possibly the administration of it as well. In a nutshell: Tabs are now […]

360 Night at the Movies – The Social Network

There is a little movie that has been getting a lot of buzz the past few weeks. Have you heard of it? The Social Network is about the life of 20-something billionaire Mark Zuckerberg and the founding of The 360 team all headed to the theater last night to check it out – we […]

Using Facebook’s New Page Design to Your Advantage

By Vanessa MacAulay This week Facebook began implementing changes to company pages/tabs. If you are a brand on Facebook, the changes will impact you in a couple ways. Here’s the scoop: 1) Limited Tab Space With the new design, a company/brand’s profile picture is prominently featured in the left hand navigation at all times. This […]

Brands at BlogHer 2010

360PR is out in full force at BlogHer this weekend (#360PR  , #BlogHer10) , as are dozens of brands showing off their wares and services to attendees.  Are you at BlogHer? If so, we want to know which brand/s you think are doing the best job of breaking through. Visit our Facebook page throughout the weekend to cast your vote […]

Social Media & Charity: A Perfect Fit

The little black dress has always been a classic addition to any woman’s wardrobe, but could you wear one for a whole year? Sheena Matheiken did. Sheena set out on a one-year journey, the “Uniform Project,” last May to exercise sustainable fashion and raise money for children in India. Every day she reinvented her outfit […]

Togetherville. It’s Facebook on Training Wheels.

Parents don’t let kids social network alone. That’s the thinking behind Togetherville, a juvi-social network where the 10 and under set can hang out with their parents online and give social networking a whirl in a safe online neighborhood. It’s free to join and parents create their child’s account through their own Facebook log-in. Parents […]

How To Create A Viral Video

A good parody is an attention grabber, especially when it’s on YouTube. That’s one of the lessons I learned first hand at the “how to make a viral video” session at SXSW, where along with 500 other people, I had the good fortune to star in a parody video that since it’s posting only four […]

Happy Birthday, Dear Facebook

Today is said to mark the day that Facebook turns 6, and what a six years it has been.  I came across this great post about the social networking giant on Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech blog, in which writer Jessi Hempel examines six ways that Facebook has “shaped our culture.”  My personal favorite from the list […]