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Over the past couple weeks I’ve taken note of a few blog posts and articles related to Digital PR and relevant to 360’s work and our clients’ businesses.  In the spirit of sharing, I’ve listed these below with a few thoughts. Happy Thanksgiving!

Mashable – “The 22 Step Social Media Marketing Plan” / List of Social Media Examples

A couple months ago I stumbled across Peter Kim’s list of Social Media Marketing examples. It is a really great resource, but can be a little overwhelming to browse (he listed over 300 examples!). More recently, Peter Kim wrote a guest post for in which he narrows it down and lists 22 different social media tools, like Blogs and Virtual Worlds, and examples of companies that have used these tools. If you’re interested in social media, I suggest you check it out. He links over to examples from companies like Delta, Kodak, Pampers, method, Rubbermaid, and more.

LinkedIn Launches New Events Features

LinkedIn recently launched new Event features on the site. I’m surprised that these features weren’t rolled out sooner, but I’m sure it will be a great benefit to users of the social networking site. The new feature lets members get event recommendations, search for events using a variety of criteria, view the attendees of specific events, and view event updates and histories within their network.

iMediaConnection – “Top 5 Ways to Piss a Blogger Off”

Peter Shankman, Founder of the popular site/resource “Help a Reporter Out” (HARO), recently posted some blogger relations tips on iMediaConnection. 360 staff communicates with bloggers of all kinds on a very regular basis and some of Peter’s tips are pretty basic, for the most part – spell the person’s name correctly, for example – but, I enjoy Peter’s writing and this post is entertaining!

Variety, The Cut Scene – “The Stupidest PR Person in History”

Variety’s Ben Fritz recently blogged about a video game PR rep. in the UK who communicated with a web journalist via Twitter. The conversation centered around the PR rep. expressing that they did not want the reporter to post a review of their game prior to a certain date because they were looking for a score boost (Metacritic is an influential site in the game industry that compiles reviews from various sources ). Most good game journalists will review a game from a consumers P.O.V. and, for the most part, not let a developer or publisher’s hand influence the review. A good gaming PR exec., on the other hand, respects a journalists obligation to their readers (and knows not to have a conversation like this one in a public forum like Twitter). Doh!

eMarketer – Blogs Influence Purchase Decisions

eMarketer posted a good summary of BuzzLogic/Jupiter Research’s recent study about the blogosphere’s influence on consumer purchasing decisions. They found that one half of US blog readers thought blogs were useful for getting info about purchases. In addition, the number of consumers influenced by blogs is projected to rise based on overall blog readership stats – more than two thirds of Internet users will read blogs in 2012. Who said blogs were dead?!?!

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