What’s Hot Around the House

Millennials Focus on Comfort, Pampering Pets

360PR @Home Trendletter An increasing number of Millennials in committed relationships are moving in together before getting married.  New data from the Coldwell Banker’s Marriage and Homebuying study shows that nearly ¼ of now-married Millennials say they purchased a home with their current spouse before their wedding.  By comparison, just 14% of those 45 and older purchased a home with their current spouse before marriage.

Homeowners (and brands) are thinking proactively about home comfort – a space that naturally supports wellness.  Industry data shows that 33% of homeowners are planning improvement projects that will reflect their own style – and the average spend on home renovations this year is predicted to be $3,300.  There’s a growing trend of older Millennials trying to feel more connected to and in control of their homes through design and self-expression.

Did you know the #1 gadget used on a pet is a fan?  We had no idea pets received so much pampering until we initiated a national survey on behalf of Honeywell® Fans.  Read more about our “housewarming party” in a Manhattan loft to launch the Honeywell with Febreze Cool & Refresh Fan.

A Living Room Like Don Draper’s

360PR @Home Trendletter Were you shocked by the last episode of Game of Thrones?  Will Maggie Smith make a return to the next season of Downton Abbey?  TV shows are the quintessential word-of-mouth conversation drivers.  If brands could be woven as seamlessly into conversations as the latest season of ABC’s Revenge, the world of PR would be a much easier place.  Well, they can be – with a little creativity.  Whether you’re a furniture company like Wayfair showing customers how to create that “Mad Men” era design aesthetic (yes, you really can buy a couch just like Don Draper’s!) – or, in the case of 360PR client Alberto VO5, showing women how to recreate a Downton Abbey updo – the opportunities to leverage the hottest TV show your brand’s core audience is tuned into are limitless.   Creating and curating content like this, in turn, helps fuel both traditional PR and conversation across social media channels.

Inside the Shave Kit

360PR @Home Trendletter The May issue of the journal Evolution & Human Behavior includes a study in which men with varying degrees of facial hair were rated for their attractiveness. Full beards and heavy stubble were rated “more attractive” than light stubble and the clean-shaven look.  From the rise of Movember to Morgan Spurlock’s documentary Mansome, grooming is becoming more accessible and nuanced for men.  Marketers targeting men should be looking for creative opportunities that emphasize convenience and irreverent style.

Media trainers have long told executives to shave before TV interviews – that Americans don’t trust men with facial hair.  Perhaps the tide is changing, opening the door for spokespersons with 5’o’clock shadows.  Just look at Reed Hastings of Netflix and Richard Branson of Virgin Group.

Be sure to check out one of our favorites: Dollar Shave Club

Daytime TV Producers on the Move

Think what you want, but it was only a matter of time until Kris Jenner landed her own talk show.  Branded Entertainment Producer Elysa Charlestein (previously with Ricki Lake) will be handling product integration and audience giveaways – and is on the hunt for home, garden & personal care products.  “Kris” will be a daily, one-hour, FOX syndicated entertainment talk show filmed in Los Angeles that premieres this summer.  Set your DVRs to Monday, July 18th!

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