Campaign Measurement

Achieving Success

Success starts with the mutual establishment of tangible objectives, and setting benchmarks against which to measure success. Our campaigns are built for measurement, encompassing an overarching idea expressed in a variety of ways over a set period of time. That idea needs to be strong enough to generate news on its own at campaign launch, built to sustain a steady flow of planned seasonal pegs and other triggers, and nimble enough to capitalize on opportunities or adjust to new realities presented along the way.

We don’t shy away from “hard numbers”; to the contrary, we embrace them. 360PR campaigns have time and again delivered the visibility that increases audience engagement evidenced by sales, web and social media activity. At the outset of every campaign, we establish KPIs that map to business objectives and help us track and report campaign progress, as well as leverage new opportunities uncovered through analytics. We have a full-time analytics specialist on staff who works closely with our client teams and continually evaluates new tools, best practices and benchmarks to keep 360PR and our clients at the forefront of research and measurement.

Regular reporting includes:

  • Benchmark audits at the beginning of a campaign
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting of relevant news and social media activity
  • Detailed weekly status reports
  • Deeper-dive monthly and quarterly analyses employing a range of measurement tools

We also have our own proprietary 360PR Influencer Index to rate and rank bloggers’ influence and help clients strategically calibrate blogger engagement.