New Lather for Alberto VO5®

With roots in 1950s Hollywood, the Alberto VO5 brand has a storied past. 360PR was brought onboard to bring VO5 into the future, contemporizing the brand’s voice, look and feel, making a new generation of fans while appealing to longtime, loyal users.

Alongside our earned media work, we launched VO5 on Facebook with a multifaceted campaign encompassing page design, community building and engagement, promotion and Facebook advertising. The four-month launch catapulted VO5’s fan base from zero to (a highly-engaged) 65,000 women.

Our platform turned on a critical, research-based insight: while more than 90% of women in VO5’s target were aware of the brand, fewer than five percent knew what “VO5” stands for, and delivers for stronger, more beautiful hair: “5 Vitamin Oils.” A dramatic, multi-day reveal uncovered this 5-Vitamin secret, and encouraged women to share their own secrets for beautiful hair through continually refreshed content and exciting promotions that got our target interacting with VO5, and each other.

The four-month launch campaign exceeded every goal: ad click-through rates and promotion tab downloads were more than 10 times their initial benchmarks; fan acquisition tripled the initial estimate. IRI data ultimately affirmed our work’s effectiveness, with sales up dramatically over prior year.

2013 PRWeek Best Digital Campaign Finalist, 2013 SABRE Award Fashion & Beauty Campaign of the Year Finalist and Society for New Communications Research Awards 2012 Honorable Mention.