Cooking-Up Media and Sales for the Ninja Cooking System

Known for its powerful blenders, the Ninja® brand aimed to gain more kitchen counter real estate with the launch of the Ninja Cooking System. This one-pot wonder would let home cooks slow-cook, steam-roast and even steam-bake. Conventional slow cookers would not come close to doing as much, but the Ninja Cooking System’s long list of features also called for significant consumer education to pave the way for sales success.

Our Approach

We invited influencers in early, bringing top food bloggers behind the scenes in the Ninja Kitchen and previewing the Ninja Cooking System with hundreds more bloggers at the International Food Bloggers Conference. Bloggers shared valuable insights that sharpened brand communications and provided sales-driving, fan-fueling testimonials based on their own first-hand early experience with the Ninja Cooking System.

The Results

Our broadcast campaign delivered segments featuring the Ninja Cooking System on The Talk, The Chew, The Wendy Williams Show, The Rachael Ray Show and top-tier market stations in Chicago and Philadelphia. The nine-month Ninja Cooking System launch campaign spurred 300 media and bloggers to directly interact with the product and delivered a high 70% rate of conversion for media and blog coverage, with 200+ stories.

Highly respected blogs, such as Steamy Kitchen, wrote positive reviews and chronicled their Ninja Cooking experience on Twitter, while high-reach media, such as Good Housekeeping, Shape, Runner’s World and The Huffington Post, gave the Ninja Cooking System accolades for easy and healthy meal prep. Connecting the dots to retail, Ninja Cooking System sales exceeded projections, with key accounts like Bed, Bath & Beyond increasing their inventories heading into the all-important holiday retail season.