Adora® Calcium Women’s Circle of Health

Adora® Calcium, the only supplement made from premium, all-natural milk and dark chocolate, gives millions of women facing risks of osteoporosis a source of calcium and vitamin D they can finally crave. This fresh approach to getting your daily calcium called for an innovative design approach as well. That’s where 360PR comes in.

Women are increasingly turning to online resources for health advice and information.  360PR reimagined the Adora e-newsletter as a powerful communications tool and lifestyle publication – one women would be more inclined to register for and to open when it landed in their in-box. The resulting “Women’s Circle of Health” newsletter now features fresh, inviting graphics and content by well-known dietitian Heather Bauer and has become one of the Adora brand’s most effective communications and sales tools.  With an average 35.63% open rate and 4.83% click rate, the Adora newsletter surpasses the same metrics for health industry e-newsletters. In addition, on average more than two-thirds of click-throughs for the Adora newsletter have been to the Adora Online Store.

We also relaunched with a fresh, clean, female-centric design in an effort to make the site mobile-friendly, increase site engagement, improve SEO, and ensure website content meets FTC and FDA guidelines on product health marketing.  Since launch, the new site has driven a significant increase in the quantity and quality of direct traffic, with a 20% lower bounce-rate and unique visitors clicking on 42% more pages.  Mobile traffic also dramatically increased – with a 115% increase in mobile direct traffic and a 48% increase in mobile referral traffic.