Caroline Pierce

Vice President

caroline-pierceCaroline Pierce has been with 360PR since the early days of the agency’s founding. She leads the 360PR MomSquad®, our national network of influencer-moms, and knows how to connect brands with parents through traditional media, social media, online forums, offline groups, directly through consumer events and more. Her role at 360PR puts her right in the mix at events such as M2Moms, ABC Expo and BlogHer.

During her tenure with the agency, Caroline’s experienced a number of significant accomplishments – professional and personal, from starting a family to launching high-profile campaigns for Disney Baby, Safety 1st and other clients. For Disney Baby, she helped build a million-mom-strong online community, launched an exclusive Disney Baby Collection at Target and earned coverage with the most influential parenting media and blogs. Caroline also led the team that launched, Disney’s mom portal, engaging some of the very first mom bloggers – who today rank among the most established and influential – with Disney

Committed to the issues important to today’s parents, and bringing valuable insights and relationships to help brands break through, Caroline has led a long-running car seat safety campaign for Safety 1st, hosting the World’s Largest Car Seat Check at the Indy 500, and tapped her fashion sense to put Quinny strollers on the runway at Bryant Park.