Wheat Germ: A Superfood Worth Sneaking into Your Diet

For many, the beginning of a New Year signifies a fresh start. A time when New Year’s resolutions are top-of-mind, whether they are promises to get back in the gym, stay better organized, or stop spending so much money at the local café (okay, you win FLOUR pastries!).

But instead of adding to the laundry list of things you plan to deny yourself, why not focus on additions? As a part of the Healthy Living Team here at 360PR, I’m constantly looking for new trends and suggestions on how to better pursue a healthy lifestyle. Superfoods seemed to be all the rage in 2012 and we predict they’ll continue to get lots of love in 2013. Wheat Germ is an original superfood and the Kretschmer brand has a a 76 year heritage of delivering this product to generations of consumers looking to make a healthy addition to their diets.

Listed as a top health food by the Mayo Clinic, wheat germ is celebrated by health professionals for its diverse range of nutritional benefits. Incorporating a tablespoon of wheat germ into a smoothie or substituting it for breadcrumbs on your baked chicken will deliver 20 percent of the daily recommended allowance of vitamins E, as well as four grams of protein and two grams of fiber.

Food Network Magazine recently included wheat germ in a “Hidden Agenda” article using wheat germ as a secret ingredient in a cheese and chile-stuffed mushroom recipe, highlighting its subtle flavor and ease of use. It’s the perfect go-to for picky eaters in the family who need a (secret) boost.

So as the weeks go by, if you find you’re falling off the resolution bandwagon, remember that easy, smart swaps in your diet can lead to major, long term benefits. And who knows, maybe Joanne Chang of FLOUR is sneaking some into her infamous, to-die-for sticky buns. No one would be the wiser!