New Series: Circling Up With…

It’s often said that PR “takes a village.” This is especially true at 360 where we work as a tight-knit group, living and breathing the ‘all hands on deck’ mentality across levels and account teams to secure the best possible results for our clients. So what does our village look like?

Next week, we’re handing over control of 360’s Facebook and Twitter pages to staff, allowing you a glimpse into the daily lives of some of our PR pros. Beginning Monday and continuing throughout next week, we’ll spotlight a member of our circle on our social channels, offering you a first-person perspective on everything from a colorful city commute to how trending news is affecting our pitches and practice areas.

Don’t forget to check back in with us next week. We can’t wait to tell (and show!) you what’s going on in our worlds. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out – leave us a comment here or on our Facebook page, or send us a tweet.