Instagram Video, Facebook and Twitter ads, Social Media Day and Facebook Ditches 20% Rule on Cover Photos

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Instagram Introduces VideoOn June 20th, Instagram joined the ranks of Vine, Viddy and Socialcam by adding a video feature to its latest update. Users can record videos up to fifteen seconds, choose from 13 filters exclusive to video and select a cover image that will be displayed in the feed.

Facebook Reportedly Launching 15-Second Auto-Playing AdsFacebook is reportedly preparing to launch a new ad program this summer that will be displayed through its news feed. On the spaces surrounding the news feed, 15-second video ads (coincidentally the same length as Instagram’s videos) will play automatically. Facebook is supposedly seeking around $1 million per day, per advertiser.

Twitter Experimenting with New Ad Targeting OptionsOn July 3rd, Twitter announced that it will be testing new targeting methods to allow advertisers to target promoted tweets and accounts to users who are more likely to want them. In other words, ads will be more relevant to users, such as promotions from companies whose sites users already visit.

Cities Worldwide Celebrate 3rd Annual Social Media Day - Mashable created Social Media Day back in 2010 to celebrate the technologies that connect people worldwide. On June 30th, Social media fans used the hashtag #smday to share their experiences. Over 118,000 tweets were sent regarding the “holiday,” with about 20,000 of these mentions on June 30th alone. There were Social Media Day events in cities worldwide, with the most-attended events hosted in Australia, Costa Rica and Sri Lanka. In the U.S., San Diego, Miami and New York were among the cities with the largest crowds.

Facebook Cover Photo 20% Rule Goes Out the Window - Community managers everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief! Earlier this year, Facebook announced that brands could only have a certain amount of words on cover photos, and brands weren’t very happy about it. Luckily, Facebook just lifted the ban, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should cram your cover photos with text.

Twitter Rolls Out DM Syncing in New UpdateTwitter rolled out new updates to its app on July 8th. The updates will allow syncing of direct messages across all devices. Improvements will also be coming to search results. For example, when you search for people on the site, you’ll now be able to see their full bio while using an Android, iPhone or iPad. The feature will also be available when accessing the site via