By: 360PR

Hit of the Week: Making the Meep! one of this holiday season’s hottest kid tablets


Our Entertainment & Electronics Team has launched 11 products in the past 12 weeks, with an impressive lead-up to the all-important holiday shopping season for many of our clients.
While the bulk of holiday gift lists, segments and related stories and conversation are still about a month away, 360PR’s Sheila Tayebi got an early jump with a lengthy, unabashedly positive review of the new Meep! X2 on ChipChick.

How it came to be…and why it matters

ChipChick is a well-known source for consumer tech news with a female perspective – perfect for reaching all those tech-savvy, gift-giving moms, aunts and big sisters. The Meep! X2 is loaded with features, so we took it deskside to give it the right amount of hands-on attention with a range of media, and got to sit down with ChipChick Queen-Bee and Ed-in-Chief Helena Stone in New York.

ChipChick published their review just as the Meep! X2 was arriving in stores earlier this month. In the competitive tablet space, ChipChick helped the Meep X2 stand out, calling it “one of the flashiest, most interesting kids tablets on the market.” You can read the full review here. Keep your eyes peeled for more media and blogger buzz about the Meep! X2 – and be sure to pick up yours – as the holidays near!