Google’s New Ads, Twitter’s Edit Feature, Facebook’s Latest Updates

360PR Digital Download 12-19-13
The Digital Download series by 360 Crowd® gives you the best digital tips and tricks for new tools and general news circulating in the digital world.

New Google+ Ads won’t run on G+ – Google recently announced that it’s using its Google+ social network to create ads, but not run them. Instead, the “+Post” ads run on Google Display Network, which includes 2 million sites. The ads look just like Google+ posts, but will appear outside the network. 

Twitter is working on an edit feature for tweets – Twitter is reportedly working on a feature that will allow users to edit existing tweets. There will be a few limitations so that existing tweets aren’t completely manipulated for marketing purposes – tweets will only be able to be edited once and for a limited time and Twitter will limit how many characters or words users can insert or delete. The feature should be available within the next few months.

Facebook begins testing Promoted Videos – On Tuesday, Facebook announced that it has begun testing Promoted Videos. These videos will be displayed similar to the way videos shared from personal accounts show up in the News Feed. They will automatically play as they appear onscreen without sound, and sound will play if you click or tap on the video.

Facebook offers new sticker pack – Although you can’t yet give Facebook posts a “thumbs down,” you can now send a “thumbs down” sticker with Facebook’s new Like sticker pack for Messenger. You can download the new set for free in the Sticker Store on the Messenger app.