Facebook’s News Feed Update, Google Maps Gets Ads, Pinterest Starts Tracking Users, Twitter Introduces Twitter University

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The Digital Download series by 360Social gives you the best digital trends, tips and tricks for new tools and general news circulating in the digital world.

Google Maps Introduces Ads - Google brought ads to its Google Maps service in its apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. Advertisers will be charged on a cost-per-click basis, as well as when users ask for directions, call the business or click on the link to the business’s website.

Facebook Tweaks News Feed Algorithm - Facebook made two changes to the algorithm for its News Feed, describing them as “Story Bumping” and “Last Actor.” Story Bumping bumps stories not yet seen by the user, even if they were posted earlier. Last Actor will take into account the last 50 engagements of a user to give more weight to the friends and fan pages the user has recently interacted with, essentially giving users more control over their News Feed. These changes are intended to increase overall user engagement.

LinkedIn Introduces University Pages - LinkedIn wants to help high school students apply to college by providing an opportunity to tap into the network of schools they’re considering. College applicants can talk with current student and alumni and find out where alumni are working to see what they can expect from a degree at a potential school. So far, 200 universities have already created their own LinkedIn University pages.

Twitter predicted to become a big TV screen Researchers at Columbia Business School and the University of Pittsburgh predicted that Twitter will become more like TV. Researchers predicted that tweets by everyday people will slow down and Twitter will become a new way to follow celebrities and major commercial brands.

Pinterest Lays Groundwork for Ad Business Pinterest recently announced that it will start recommending pins and boards to users, based on the sites they visit where there are embedded “Pin It” buttons. It could mean the beginnings of an ad business on Pinterest via “promoted pins” in the future, but for now, the data will only be used for recommendations.

Twitter University Commits To The Next Generation of Engineers - Twitter established its new educational institution, Twitter University, based on its current tech training. Twitter currently provides employees access to several technical training classes taught by the company’s own team members. Classes are currently only available to Twitter staff, but over time the company will make them available to the public.

Facebook Reveals Latest Daily User Numbers - For the first time ever, Facebook releases regional data in an attempt to help advertisers understand how people are using Facebook. It turns out 1 out of 3 people in the U.S. – over 128 million – visit Facebook daily. And 24 million people in the U.K. do the same.