Facebook’s New Button Designs, Flipboard’s Competitive Shopping Feature, ConnecTV’s Live TV-Sharing App, Google Glass’s New Music Features

360PR's Digital Download 11.14.13

The Digital Download series by 360 Crowd® gives you the best digital tips and tricks for new tools and general news circulating in the digital world.

Facebook introduces new Like and Share buttons – Facebook recently redesigned both its Like and Share buttons to encourage more Likes and Shares of content across the web. The iconic “thumbs up” is no longer a part of the design.

Flipboard launches new shopping feature – Flipboard’s news-reading app makes it possible for users to create their own magazines, and now users can create their own shoppable magazines. The new “Flip.it” browser button makes it easy to add web pages to catalogs with a single click.  Brands such as Banana Republic, eBay and ModCloth have already created their own curated catalogs on Flipboard. The new feature directly competes with commerce- and fashion-oriented aggregators like Pinterest.

ConnecTV launches an iPhone app to share live TV clips – Users can now clip and share up to six seconds of video from live television with ConnecTV’s new iPhone app. It detects the program you’re watching, grabs footage and allows you to select a clip and add meme-style text to share on the app and on social networks.

Facebook’s performance reflects a mobile-first social network – Facebook’s third quarter performance shows its strength as a mobile-first social network. There are currently 254 million mobile-only monthly active users, which is more than the total number of people who visit Twitter on a monthly basis. Mobile ad revenue now accounts for 49% of Facebook’s total ad revenue.

Google Glass Expands Its Features Into Music – Google added new features to Google Glass, making it possible to search for songs, scan through playlists and listen to music. Along with the new features, Google introduced a set of headphones specifically designed for Glass. All of these new features create a music experience on Google Glass that doesn’t require staring at a screen.