Apple’s Latest Acquisition, Snapchat’s Impressive New Hire, Facebook’s News Feed Updates, Instagram’s Ad Results

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Apple acquires Topsy – On Monday, Apple bought Topsy Labs, a start-up social media analytics company that could potentially help Apple better understand what people are talking about on social media networks like Twitter. Although Apple’s reasons for acquiring the start-up are unknown, Apple could potentially use Topsy’s services to help power its Siri voice search capabilities.

Snapchat hires former Facebook executive – Emily White, the Facebook executive responsible for bringing ads to Instagram, is leaving Facebook to become COO of Snapchat. Hiring White is a signal of Snapchat’s plans to remain independent and continue to grow its business. Despite Snapchat’s surging popularity, it currently only has 30 employees in its Los Angeles office.

Facebook enhances its News Feed – Facebook recently announced two changes to its News Feed to help users discover more high quality content. First, users may start noticing links to articles more often, particularly on mobile devices. Second, older stories with new comments from friends may occasionally resurface so that users don’t miss out on conversations among friends.

Determining the success of Instagram Ads – Mashable curated data from various sources to see how the first wave of sponsored posts are performing on Instagram. According to data from Curalate, the paid posts are much more effective at attracting “likes” than unpaid posts,  bringing in hundreds of thousands of “likes.” However, it is still uncertain how valuable post “likes” are  for brands, and how brands can measure the performance and value of sponsored posts.

Google Trends offers topic reports – Google recently announced an update to its Google Trends software that allows users to create topic reports. This new feature, currently in beta, makes it easy for users to measure the search interest in people, places and things and to group searches into one of 700,000 unique topics in seven countries.

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