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Recognizing the ‘Mom’ in Mom Blogger

By Clarissa Nassar

Clarissa NassarMoms who blog wear two hats and that requires some extra effort – not just from mom bloggers, but from brands who want to engage us. Car seats, apps, even mops are all ripe for review, but mom bloggers are inundated today.

Tip #1: Talk Mom-to-Mom

To catch our eye, point out key features that a mom – not just a blogger – would appreciate. A press release doesn’t do this. Instead, try testimonials from other moms – including moms who blog.

Tip #2: Always Ask Permission

Mom bloggers appreciate review samples when asked in advance. Unsolicited product mailings are a big ‘no-no’ in the mom blogosphere. We simply don’t have the time (and, in some cases, space) to open and review everything, especially if it isn’t a good fit for the mom who blogs or her family. “Moms who blog also don’t need a commercial in their inbox,” notes Colorado-based Catherine of Evolving Mommy. For better results, be judicious about what you put in a blogger’s inbox and mailbox.

Tip #3: Leave Nothing to Chance

While bloggers know their audience best, we may not understand what a brand expects when we begin a dialogue and a relationship. “Always be clear what you want from a mom,” advises West Coast blogger Kadi Prescott of Social Media Moms. Bloggers want to know what the brand’s expectations are up front, so that they can work on an appropriate timeline for a review or project.

The mom who blogs is an important asset for your brand campaign. Just keep in mind she’s busily working at home, as well as blogging. And, that hands-on, real-mom perspective is precisely why she’s so valuable.

Clarissa Nassar is a veteran blogger and veteran mom – blogging at The Posh Parent since 1999 and living in New Jersey with her husband and three children. She is a longtime “Glambassador” for Glamour Magazine, a member of Invisalign’s Mom Advisory Board, and has consulted to dozens of brands.

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