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Moms Want Toys that “Do More”

By Amanda Henson

Moms Want Toys that “Do More”Today’s parents are looking for toys and games that do more: toys that provide more learning opportunities, more interaction and are more multi-purpose. Moms want toys that actively engage their children’s imaginations, while also reinforcing valuable life lessons. The Kinect Sesame Street TV is one example of how a brand has grown with technology, combining active play with educational opportunities in an interactive setting children know and love.

Toys that teach fine motor skills are of particular interest to moms, too. The proliferation of tablets, both toyetic and the real thing, teach keyboarding skills, while reinforcing grammar skills and encouraging reading.

As kids get older and more mobile, and family schedules get busier, toys, games and devices that easily travel are a sure bet.  Moms of older kids want to feel confident that their investment in play time will not only keep their child entertained, but also engaged and learning.

Toys and games that cross ages and stages, appealing to multiple children in the same home, are also a win with parents for both the convenience factor and play value they provide, says LeeAnne Evans, a Midwest stay-at-home mom of two. That’s top of mind for me too, when I purchase a toy or game for my children, ages five and nine.

The “more” message is a win with today’s educationally minded, value-seeking moms. That creates an opportunity for brands to talk up the cross-functional benefits of their toys, games and devices – emphasizing entertainment and education and appeal across multiple age groups.

Amanda Henson, is a community manager and social media fan, and blogs at High Impact Mom.