The Shopping Mom’s Mindset

Getting into the Shopping Mom’s Mindset

Family budget aside for a moment, moms are continuing to shop.  There’s no way around the weekly groceries and I still have to fight my way through the masses when shopping for shoes, the latest Apple device and for any number of things at Target (at least when I’m not shopping online).  So how can brands be sure they’re top of “the list” when mom goes shopping?  The 360PR MomSquad partnered with our friends at Cool Mom Picks to find out.  We surveyed 950+ moms to identify the values, media and other factors that influence moms’ purchases for their families and themselves.

Word-of-mouth reigned supreme, with 77% of moms pointing to their own circles as the #1 trusted source on which brands to buy.  But where does word-of-mouth originate?  Well, just behind their own circles, moms said they turned to blogs and web sites as trusted resources on brands.

Moms rated a brand’s web site higher as a trusted source than a brand’s social channels.  But don’t get lulled into social complacency:  close to half of moms (44%) we surveyed said they spend 1-2 hours a day with social media, and a third reported spending 2+ hours each day using social media.  That’s one sure bet this election year, at least when it comes to being a resource for moms:  brands need to integrate and connect the dots between the proliferation of a brand’s social channels and web site.  The opportunity is to be there for mom, wherever she is.

Factors when mom shops for kids

While marketers have traditionally distinguished between working and stay-at-home moms, we found virtually no difference among the sources moms turn to and their priorities when shopping.  When mom’s ready to make a purchase decision, there’s no way around it – value comes first, whether she’s shopping for the kids or herself.  That’s one reason deal sites are so popular with moms: 75% of moms increased their use of deal sites in the past year.

Apps were big winners with moms, too – 72% of moms are downloading more apps than a year ago.  And there’s no denying the power of social good:  70% of moms said they had “liked” a brand on Facebook to support a cause.

Top five media channels for moms

You can read more about our report here.  We’d love to hear what you think!

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